250 million kids around the world can’t read, write, or do basic math...

. . . despite the fact that the vast majority of these children are in school. TabLab provides tablet technology + teacher trainers to transform the world’s rural schools. Our mobile tablet lab is a fraction of the cost of a traditional computer lab and can work off the electrical grid and without an internet connection. Our local teacher trainers support each TabLab school for two years. Our goal: leverage technology and teacher trainers to transform rural schools.

Tablet Technology Tablet Technology
Teacher Trainer Teacher Trainer
Transformed Schools Transformed Schools
TabLab in Action TabLab in Action
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Our Results

  • 690 BOOKS WERE READ by 34 students in 6 months at our Costa Rica TabLab school, thanks to software provided by Learning A-Z.
  • TabLab students can watch 4,000 educational Khan Academy videos, work on apps, study textbooks and ebooks — all without internet and electricity.
  • TabLab students showed a 29% INCREASE in the comprehension of complex concepts, over a 6-month period in Costa Rican schools.
  • TabLabs are 1/5 THE COST of a traditional computer lab and can be used without internet or electricity.

A very special thank you to all of our dedicated partners.