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Karatu & Monduli, Tanzania

Pass rates for the national exam, Form IV, is currently only 10%.

Tablab has partnered with three schools in the Arusha region of Tanzania. Banjika Secondary School is a Tanzanian public secondary school, which serves 450 multi-ethnic students in this savannah region of Northern Tanzania. Banjika has grown from a few classrooms to a large complex that now includes a library, girls’ dorm, and 12 classrooms in total. Another TabLab partner school is G. Arusha Secondary School, also located in Karatu, Tanzania. G. Arusha serves almost 500 students, and they are eager to leverage their teachers using technology to assist with the large class sizes. Orkeeswa Secondary School is privately funded school through the IEFT Foundation and is located in Monduli, Tanzania.

All three schools we are helping in Africa are located in rural areas, and many students have to walk more than an hour each day to attend school. These TabLab Tanzania education program schools serve both boys and girls in their goal of passing the Form IV exam to determine whether they will continue with their secondary studies and on to university. TabLab hopes to increase the Form IV pass rates while supporting higher rates of student engagement, personalized learning, and teacher professional development.